2018 Monday Meal Plan: Week 6 (January 29 through February 4)

So it’s going to be February this week?  I literally had to check 3 times.  That just seems….wrong.  I mean, wasn’t it just Christmas?  Why is life rushing by so fast?  I mean, it’s basically 2019 now, right?  Oh whoops, that’s not really what this blog is supposed to be about is it?  You came here for meal planning ideas, not my own actual personal blog….okay, here it goes – but seriously.  The year is like practically over already.  For real.


I’m recycling and old non-traditional breakfast food here for the week (and to restock the freezer!)

Make Ahead and Freeze Black Bean and Cheese Burritos


A new recipe for lunches this week!  I’m pretty excited about this recipe.  I made 4 of these for the week and will supplement with leftovers or leftovers from the freezer.

Chinese Chicken Mason Jar Salads


Monday – I found (and made once before) a great recipe for Cheeseburger Pasta Bake, which I modified from the recipe appearing in The America’s Test Kitchen Make-Ahead Cook Cookbook (affiliate link), a cookbook I highly recommend!  We are having this with a veggie tray and ranch dip.

Tuesday – Chicken Enchiladas – I make mine really similarly to this SkinnyTaste Chicken Enchiladas recipe.  Except I don’t make homemade sauce.  I mean I have.  But it wasn’t better than the canned stuff….so, I only did it once.  Salad will be on the side on Tuesday.

Wednesday – Leftover night.

Thursday – Curried Chicken and Brown Rice with Red Peppers from the America’s Test Kitchen Make-Ahead Cook Cookbook (what?  It’s a theme this week) (oh yeah, affiliate link).  This one I follow right from the book, and I don’t see it anywhere online….but let me know if you have a great recipe for something similar!  It’s chicken thighs, brown rice, coconut milk and some other seasonings, all cooked together in the oven in one pan (great for easy clean up!)

Friday – Grilled flank steak with Black Bean and Corn Salad and a green salad.  For the flank steak, I just rub it with a mix of chili powder, cumin and brown sugar and either grill it or cook on my grill pan on the stove.  It just takes around 4-5 minutes a side for a 2-3 pound flank steak.  Then I slice it thin.

Saturday – 2nd leftover night.  We usually have 2 a week.  If there aren’t enough leftovers, we’ll get take out.  Or maybe go to a restaurant.

SundaySkinnytaste One Pot Fajita Pasta.  I made this one towards the end of 2017, and my family has requested its inclusion in the regular dinner rotation.  Which means I will make it Sunday and everyone will suddenly hate it, but I digress….

Happy February!?!!??

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