September 11 – Weekly Meal Plan



You may have noticed….the meal plans I give you, they are what we did the week before.  Usually the recipes are up here on the site, but the plan I don’t put up until we’ve done it.  That way, I’m not putting it up here until we’ve eaten all or at least most of it (and I’m 100% certain it didn’t totally suck).  So this was our plan for September 5 through September 12, but hopefully it helps you this week or in the future.


Cherry Chocolate Overnight/Refrigerator Oats and a hard boiled egg.  I boiled the eggs ahead and made my oats for 4 days.  On the 3 other days, I mixed my boiled egg with avocado and had it over a slice of whole grain toast.


Last week I came up with a new Asian Salad in a Jar for my lunches.  These salads feature a homemade peanut dressing, and no lettuce – so not your typical salad.  I made 4 of these, and ate leftovers from dinners the other days.



We had a cookout with family – ribs on the grill, deli salads etc., since this was our Labor Day plan.


This recipe for Zucchini Ravioli kept coming across my Facebook feed all week, and it looked good, so I decided to give it a try – but with my own spin, I browned some lean, organic ground beef and simmered that with the marinara before adding it to the dish.  I frequently make my own marinara and other pasta sauces, but not when temps are still above 100 in Phoenix, so this time I used this Organic Tomato Basil Marinara from Trader Joe’s that is my go to in the summer!  We had a simple veggie tray with Greek yogurt dip on the side.




Chicken stir fry with veggies and brown rice.  I don’t follow a recipe for stir fry, just generally throw it together with what I have – but here are some great stir fry tips and sauces.




This is a use up leftovers and go to a baseball game night for us.


Crockpot Drip Italian Beef, mashed potatoes and green beans.  What’s great about this meal, is we can use the leftovers for sandwiches on hard rolls with peppers, onions and provolone in a couple days!  I don’t make this exactly the same every time, but I loosely follow this recipe – always the crockpot/slow cooker version.  One big exception – I use flank steak.  I am just not a fan of the fattier cuts of beef roast.  I’ve tried it multiple ways.  A lot of people don’t think flank steak should be cooked in the crockpot, but I love it.  It shreds/pulls apart beautifully.  Also, you don’t have to do the refrigerate overnight remove the fat part…..

Hope you have a great week, and that maybe my plan makes it easier!

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