September 4th – Weekly Meal Plan

What’s a meal plan week look like at Prep Plan Pour?  Here it is!  I planned on Saturday, and did my prep on Sunday morning, and now I can pour a glass of wine and relax.


Each week I plan one breakfast and one lunch and then make enough for each day of the week. I find that I really like the consistency of the menu and it is particularly helpful if you are counting calories, macros, etc.


For breakfast this week, I’m eating my Sweet Potato and Egg Veggie Breakfast Hash. I’m all prepped so, I just have to saute the veggies and cook the eggs on top.



Lunches are a new recipe I came up with this week – hoping it’s delicious.  Caprese Mason Jar Salads with Broiled Chicken.  I have four of those, so one day I’ll eat some leftovers from dinner.



While breakfast and lunches are consistent every day, I do plan a different dinner for each night. I use a combination of recipes I find on other food blogs and my own creations. They are a combination of premade, pre prepped and slow cooker meals so that it’s less work to have a home cooked dinner. I plan out each meal based on our schedules – slow cooker or premade meals when we’re gone all day, pre prepped for when we have some time in the afternoon.


Add A Pinch Balsamic Pork Roast Recipe.  Any time I’ve tried a recipe from this site, it’s been great.  This pork roast especially is a crowd pleaser in my household!  It’s also incredibly simple, and done in the crockpot.  Who could ask for easier for a Monday night?  We serve it over mashed sweet potatoes with a green veggie on the side.


Sheet Pan Chicken Fajitas.  Fajitas are one of those great meals that make everyone happy, because everyone can customize their own.  I make the meat and veggies together in one pan, which makes for quicker clean up.  Black bean and corn salad on the side, as well as some fruit.


Leftover day!


Trying a new recipe from this week.  I actually avoided this cooking and recipe blog for a long time, because I figured with the name it would have recipes that included artificial sweeteners and overly processed fat removed type ingredients and the like, but in fact, it’s the opposite.  Real food.  Great recipes.  Just lightened up.  This recipe for Chilled Italian Shrimp Tortellini Pasta Salad caught my eye this week, so we’re trying it with a veggie tray on the side.

Friday and Saturday

We’ll eat up any leftovers and maybe grab some takeout or eat out one night as a reward for surviving another week of work and school.


I’m planning on getting a jump on the next week by making a roast chicken meal for the family.  Chicken roasted with lemons, onions and potatoes, seasoned with rosemary and thyme.  We’ll do some more veggies on the side – hopefully there will be leftovers for lunches, and perhaps to make broth and then a pot of soup!



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