Make Ahead Breakfasts

If your house is anything like mine, mornings are a well-oiled machine, children are beautifully dressed, with backpacks packed and ready to go, and you all have plenty of time to sit down for a breakfast you lovingly prepared that morning a complete and total cluster with people running around, missing shoes, backpacks that can’t be located etc., and you’re lucky to have 3 minutes to figure out your breakfast.  Here’s how I make sure I actually get to eat each morning  – the kids can eat this food too, but at my house they tend to prefer peanut butter toast or a plain scrambled egg.  Your results may vary.

Denver Omelet Egg Muffins

These make ahead mini omelets reheat in 30 seconds, and can be eaten leisurely at the table, or wrapped in a paper towel as you wait in the drop off line at school or for the bus at the bus stop.  The other great thing about them is you can literally use any vegetables/fillings you have on hand.  I like peppers and ham.  But I also like spinach, mushrooms, etc.  I use what I have and make breakfast for the week.

Overnight Oats

You can mix this quick make ahead breakfast up as well, using whatever fruit or other toppings you prefer.  I eat them straight out of the jar.  Again, frequently while standing at the bus stop.  You can eat them cold, or heat them up.  I like them both ways.  Here are a couple of my favorites:

Cherry Chocolate Overnight/Refrigerator Oats

Cranberry Orange Relish Overnight Oats 

Sweet Potato and Egg Veggie Breakfast Hash

This one takes a few minutes in the morning (to saute the veggies and cook the eggs), but the rest can be done ahead of time for the week.

Other simple ideas for breakfast on the go:

  • Hard boiled eggs.  I boil up a dozen at a time, and can grab a couple to take with me for an easy breakfast or snack.  Grab a portable piece of fruit, like a banana, to round it out.
  • Peanut butter on whole grain waffles.  Toss two whole grain waffles in the toaster, and make a peanut butter sandwich to go!  If you have time, add some sliced bananas.
  • Smoothies. I freeze bags with all the fruit/veg ingredients put together, and then add to the blender with some plain greek yogurt and almond milk.  Poor into a travel mug and run!

What are your favorite on the go breakfasts – please share!


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