How I Prep Lunches Ahead (Subtitle: Why I Sometimes Don’t Eat Lunch – Part 1)

Wow.  I started this one so long ago, I’m not totally sure what I was going to write about. You know how there are all those studies about kids taking too much time off in the summer and losing the education they got the prior year?  I’m pretty sure summer break eats away at my brain cells too…..

I was talking with a friend today, and I was telling her how I’ve finally just resigned myself to the fact that lunch has to be all of the following things for me to actually eat it during busy days ever.  Basically, if does not meet all of the following criteria, I either don’t eat lunch or eat something from a drive through.  Or just have more coffee.

Very Important Lunch Criteria:

  1. Already made.
  2. Already in a container that only contains one serving of exactly what I should be eating.
  3. If reheating is required, must be done from said container.

Seriously.  If it is made, but not portioned out.  Too much effort.  If it is in a container and needs to be transferred to be reheated.  Too much effort.  6 servings in one container?  FORGET IT.  Open fridge.  Pull out.  Insert in microwave (optional).  Eat.  That’s apparently all I can handle.

As I have developed this annoying and ridiculous lunch process and criteria lovable little personality quirk over time, I’ve developed a container problem amassed a set of tools that allows me to eat lunch daily most of the time.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Container problem?  I don’t have a container problem….

When things don’t have to be reheated, I am a big fan of plastic.  I know many people have eliminated it, but you can’t beat it for durability (or frankly, disposability) and price.  I recently found these 3 compartment divided plastic containers on Amazon for a great price.  Also, they came with sporks.  Who doesn’t love a spork?  I’m using these for cold lunches. I don’t have any high hopes for them surviving more than a few hand washes, but for the price, I can live with that.

On the other hand, when I want to reheat things, I have a glass preference.  I just always worry about the plastic melting or giving off toxins or something.  Since I have no actual science to back this up, you should definitely not just go along with what I say, but if you like glass containers, some of these are great:

3 compartment containers.

2 compartment containers

Single compartment containers

Pyrex round containers

Mason Jars (quart sized)

Mason Jars (pint sized)

Mason Jar Lids (wide-mouthed)

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

What are your favorite lunch prep tools?  I’d love to hear!

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